Textile Software


Textile Software is comprised of several modules such as Hosiery, Dyeing, Embroidery and other areas. All the softwares are standalone and can be merged with each other and the Towel Software.

Hosiery Software

Deals in hosiery and other knitted items. Keep tracks of all items whether in stock, in pipe line, or to be purchased.

Dyeing Software

Dyes and chemical items stock management, including recipes for the dyeing, bleaching, washing of towels, hosiery, yarn and lace items.

Dye Stuffs Import Management

Importing, stocking and selling of dye stuffs and chemicals.

Carton Manufacturing

Deals in purchasing, manufacturing and stocking of reels, rolls, cartons and sheets. Includes timely delivery.

Embroidery Management

Managing embroidery stock items for embroider, and sales.

Inventory Management

Inventory of store items which includes purchasing and consuming of items on average basis.