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Alhamd Software masters in a couple of selected yet most powerful industry sofwares of the era. We provide you a creative and complete Software Solution to add biggest possible values to your business. Our Towel Software and Housing Society Software meet the industry standards with respect to Usability, Coding standards and Documentation. Towel Software has been our experience since we started the company, we understood the market, Identified our opportunity and get to the market with our Towel Management Software to target appropriate audience.

Our aim is to provide the best software product to the market with not compromising quality over cost. Our reponsibility is to maintain the software upto the industry standards and providing any enhancements as per the client requirements. Our Product Requirement Documents have been initialized back in 1995 and still we add things up if necessary for the industry. Our Towel Software is still undergoing usability testing with a number of clients since we are in the market.

Housing Society Software enables the Property Agents to Manage all real estate related data. May it be User management, Plot management, Accounts management for monthly installments over plots. Plot planning is also a non negligible feature of the software, that allows plot category to be added and placed in the map. We have a couple of clients using this software and are really very satisfied with the Housing Society Program.

Our Software Consultancy Services are for developing new desktop softwares, changing or enhancing current software modules, Software optimization and other custom built software solutions. We master in Microsoft Visual Fox Pro, you may contact us for any further queries, related to the Software Consultancy Services. If you need a quote, do follow the procedure and the link.

Alhamd Software Management is always open for any new ideas and suggestions, that might come up in your minds for the betterment of our software and clients.