Towel Software

Textile Software

Towel Software Program is for manufacturers and exporters of Terry Towels, bathrobes and other textile madeups.

  • The Software covers Purchasing of Yarn and other items, for Yarn Doubling, Sizing, Weaving, Yarn Dyeing, Bleaching, Washing, Stitching, Packing and Balancing, and finally export and or local Sales.
  • Keeps track of all items whether in stock, in pipe line, or to be purchased.
  • Computerized billing is present for incoming bills which includes checking of rates, quantity and duplication of bills.
  • Quality Weight Definition.
  • Automatic deduction is present for items more than quality weight defined.

AlHamd Software Management provides the Towel Software as a standalone product or merged with Other Textile Softwares. Enabling you to avail full featured textile product that saves you time and a lot of resources.